Off-Page AI SEO Tools: 9 Options for Superior Optimization in 2024

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by Charles

We can all agree that executing a successful SEO strategy involves creating quality content, optimizing keywords, and building solid backlinks, among other aspects.

Importantly though, off-page SEO often takes a backseat despite its crucial role in search rankings.

This is where off-page AI SEO tools come in, arming you with precision, speed and actionable insights to propel your ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).

This article promises to be a resourceful guide highlighting the top 10 off-page AI SEO tools that should be part of your SEO weaponry.

Each tool brings unique elements to the table, helping you to conquer the SERPs, attract high-quality backlinks, and gain reputation and authority in your specific industry or niche.

We’ll delve deeply into each tool, examining their functionalities, strengths, and how they can optimize your off-page SEO strategy.

This is your comprehensive guide to superior optimization using AI-powered SEO tools.

Brace yourselves for a deep-dive into unravelling the untapped potential of off-page AI SEO.

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Off-Page AI SEO Tools: Ultimate Guide to the Essential Digital Arsenal

SEMrush –

Semrush - One of the best on-page AI SEO tools

For the discerning digital marketer, SEMrush seamlessly merges artificial intelligence with essential off-page SEO strategies.

It automatically identifies and analyzes backlinks, tracking over 17 billion URLs per day.

The AI-driven tool provides rich data on your competitors’ link-building strategies, enabling you to make calculated maneuvers within the digital arena.

Smart algorithms further uncover high-potential anchor texts, optimizing your link-building efforts.

SEMrush’s AI is not just about data analysis; it actually learns from your website’s dynamics and suggests the most effective ways to improve your off-page SEO.

From citation management to social signal tracking, the machine learning capabilities of SEMrush are at the forefront of superior search engine optimization.

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  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Pro ($129.95/mo), Guru ($249.95/mo.), Business ($499.95/mo.)

Ahrefs –

Ahrefs - One of the best off-page AI SEO tools

Ahrefs stands as a powerful presence in the AI SEO tool industry.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, Ahrefs intensifies off-page SEO efficiency by offering detailed insights into backlinks, thus providing an all-encompassing understanding of your websites’ online footprint.

This AI-backed platform utilizes comprehensive off-page SEO metrics to identify your site’s most respected external pages, which offer a significant advantage in consolidating and boosting your web presence.

Additionally, Ahrefs is equipped with multiple intelligent keyword resources to perpetually pinpoint keyword growth opportunities and fuel concise, goal-oriented SEO strategies.

This supports and empowers businesses, making it an exemplary tool for your off-page SEO strategy.

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  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Lite ($99/mo.), Standard ($199/mo.), Advanced ($399/mo.), Agency ($999/mo.)

Moz Pro –

Moz - One of the best off-page AI SEO tools

Moz Pro, a frontrunner in the SEO tool sector, harnesses the power of AI to enhance off-page SEO strategies.

Generating backlinks, for example, is seen both as an art and a science, and Moz Pro’s advanced AI algorithms have simplified this complex task.

The tool identifies potential high-quality link prospects, and then runs an automated outreach strategy.

In addition, Moz Pro offers a highly effective Rank Tracker feature that utilizes AI to track your site’s performance on the SERPs.

This automated AI-driven process can really save you time and helps keep a close eye on your off-page SEO tactics.

With their comprehensive set of features, Moz Pro stands as a compelling off-page AI SEO tool choice for webmasters in 2024 and beyond.

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  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Standard ($99/mo.), Medium ($179/mo.), Large ($299/mo.), Premium ($599/mo.)

BuzzSumo –

Buzzsumo - One of the best off-page AI SEO tools

BuzzSumo remains a formidable key player in the off-page AI SEO tools playground.

Built with a unique knack for creating a disruptive difference in SEO, BuzzSumo unleashes the power of machine learning and AI to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor in your niche.

The tool’s AI-driven algorithm sifts through copious web data, enabling you to spy on your competitors, understand user engagement metrics, and find content that truly resonates.

Beyond this, BuzzSumo leverages AI capabilities to discover trending topics and key influencers, contributing immensely to powerful off-page SEO strategies.

The future of robust indexer links, industry winning backlinks, and domain authority lies in such AI-off page SEO tools as BuzzSumo.

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  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Content Creation ($199/mo.), PR& Comms ($299/mo.), Suite ($499/mo.), Enterprise ($999/mo.).

MarketMuse –

Leveraging the prowess of advanced artificial intelligence, MarketMuse transforms the process of off-page SEO strategy.

This powerful AI platform scrutinizes the web content of top-ranking pages, grasping the context behind keywords.

By identifying trending topics and essential related keywords, MarketMuse delivers data-driven insights that enable businesses to create superior content, backlink strategies, and off-page SEO endeavors.

The competitive analysis feature of MarketMuse enables understanding of the backlink profiles of competing websites.

Through this, businesses can identify and target high-quality backlink opportunities, a crucial element of off-page SEO.

The AI-driven insights not only improve the quality of content linking back to your website, but also lend a competitive edge in the ever-evolving SEO landscape.

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  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Plans: Standard ($149/mo.), Team ($399/mo.), Premium (custom).

Surfer SEO –

Surfer SEO - One of the best on-page AI SEO tools

In the rapidly evolving SEO landscape, Surfer SEO is gaining recognition for its innovative application of artificial intelligence (AI).

The tool effectively integrates AI for off-page SEO activities, enabling strategists to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

The intelligent algorithms of Surfer SEO efficiently identify potential backlink opportunities, monitor competitor strategy, and provide insights into untapped markets.

Using AI, Surfer SEO remarkably enhances off-page SEO by automating the analysis of competitor’s backlinks, identifying the top-ranking keywords, and devising advanced SEO strategies.

The tool significantly simplifies the complex off-page SEO requirements with accurate and comprehensive data visualization.

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  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Essential ($69/mo.), Advanced ($149/mo.), Max ($249/mo.), Enterprise (Custom).

LinkResearchTools (LRT) –

LinkResearchTools - One of the best off-page AI SEO tools

LinkResearchTools is a resourceful aid in the ever-evolving SEO market.

This robust platform uses AI technology to transform off-page SEO experiences.

Crafted with Machine Learning algorithms, it illuminates the path of link-building, examining the links’ quality and determining the best ones for your site.

Its AI further escalates your SEO game by unearthing harmful links that could potentially dent your ranking, saving you from SEO penalties.

Additionally, the AI-driven simulations provide a detailed view of potential growth avenues, aiding not only in damage control but also fostering growth.

Employing such tools is vital in the race to stay ahead of the game in the dynamic SEO sphere.

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  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Superhero Small ($599/month), Superhero Standard ($999/month), Superhero Plus ($2,499/month), Enterprise (custom).

Postaga –

Postaga - One of the best off-page AI SEO tools

Using artificial intelligence, it streamlines off-page SEO campaigns, link-building exercises, and manages outreach efforts with efficiency.

With AI constantly analyzing and optimizing your SEO strategies, it ensures that you’re targeting the most relevant and beneficial prospects.

Postaga uses artificial intelligence to build out mass outreach campaigns with precision.

Its AI comprehends the context and adjusts parameters, crafting tailored messages that foster personal connections instantly.

This AI distinguisher not only heightens your brand’s reach but also saves time and resources.

With Postaga, the automation of off-page SEO has really come into its own, making it an essential part of any 2024 SEO toolkit.

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  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Pro ($84/mo.), Agency ($250/mo.) –

Nightwatch - One of the best off-page AI SEO tools takes the guesswork out of off-page SEO optimization due to its innovative use of artificial intelligence.

Incorporating AI facilitates the creation of effective, data-driven strategies without the need for extensive manual labor. adopts machine learning algorithms to scrutinize backlink profiles and pinpoint high-quality opportunities for link building, a vital component of off-page SEO.

This progressive tool also provides valuable insights by mapping competitors’ strategies and keeping tabs on keyword rankings on various search engines.

Using, businesses can maximize their SEO prospects, enabling them to stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

Off-Page AI SEO Tools: Concluding Insights on Their Immense Benefits

As the comprehensive exploration of off-page AI SEO tools highlighted, applying artificial intelligence to off-page SEO strategies not only amplifies efficiency but also delivers targeted, data-driven insights.

These smart technologies allow for deep backlink analysis, streamlined outreach strategies, dynamic content auditing, and intelligent competitor surveillance.

Exploiting AI for SEO revolutionizes link-building efforts by identifying the most beneficial prospects and creating personalized outreach campaigns which foster immediate connection.

Overall, the benefits of AI usage in off-page SEO are immense, affording businesses the tools to stay competitive, agile, and effective in the ever-changing digital landscape.

The future of SEO is clearly driven by artificial intelligence.