10 Best Keyword Research AI SEO Tools (2023)

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by Charles

Every digital marketer and content creator shares the universal understanding that keyword research is the cornerstone of effective SEO strategies.

Selecting the proper keywords can mean the difference between high or low traffic on your website or blog, and the competition for a prime spot in the search results is relentless.

That’s why ‘keyword research ai seo tools’ have proven indispensable in the constantly evolving digital landscape – they provide results that are more precise, quick, and less labor-intensive.

Imagine your SEO efforts enhanced by tools that do more than just suggest terms.

AI-based keyword research tools can deliver comprehensive analytics, consider user intent, and even examine the quality of your content.

They take keyword research to another level, promising significant improvements in your search ranking and website traffic.

This article will provide critical insights and deep dives into the top ten keyword research AI SEO tools.

Each tool has its distinctive advantages, features, and unique ways of boosting your traffic.

By putting AI to work in your keyword research, you can transform the way you drive digital growth.

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The 10 Best Keyword Research AI SEO Tools

Twinword Ideas – twinword.com

Twinword is one of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

Twinword Ideas leverages AI technology to optimize keyword research by delivering detailed, results-oriented data.

This tool streamlines the keyword selection process, identifying high-performing, related keywords to enhance SEO strategy.

Its machine learning algorithms deliver accurate, predictive keyword analysis, and the built-in keyword difficulty tool assesses competition levels.

The built-in AI, as its main component, ensures a deep understanding of contextual words, catering to the user’s specific semantic demands.

Furthermore, the AI assimilates your content’s context to deliver accurate results efficiently.

Thanks to these features, Twinword Ideas exudes a competitive edge in optimizing keyword research, simplifying complexity, and injecting accuracy in execution for higher rankings.

  • URL: twinword.com/ideas
  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Plans: Basic (Free), Plus ($12/mo.), Pro ($24/mo.), Agency ($59/mo.)

MarketMuse – marketmuse.com

Marketmuse, one of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

It’s a robust AI-driven SEO tool that comes handy for planning effective content strategies.

MarketMuse harnesses the power of AI to streamline keyword research and aid in topical relevance.

It suggests the most suitable long-tail keywords by analyzing key phrases similar to your content.

It leverages machine learning algorithms to understand the context and semantic relationships between words, rather than simply focusing on the keyword density.

Moreover, it provides comprehensive data including competition levels and relevancy scores, enabling a balanced keyword strategy.

MarketMuse essentially turns keyword research from a menial task to an intelligent and data-driven process.

  • URL: marketmuse.com
  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Plans: Standard ($149/mo.), Team ($399/mo.), Premium (custom).

CanIRank – canirank.com

Can I rank, one of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

CanIRank stands out as an AI-driven tool that enables effective keyword research.

Unlike conventional tools, CanIRank uses machine learning technology to provide actionable suggestions to outperform competitors in SEO.

It offers an in-depth analysis of the competition, identifies opportunities not exploited, and builds a plan for a better rank.

CanIRank’s AI models uses data from thousands of websites and the relationships observed to decide what factors are most likely to help your webpage rank better.

In essence, it’s like having a personal SEO consultant advising you about the best search terms to target, allowing you to gather impactful insights for your SEO strategy.

  • URL: canirank.com
  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Plans: Free ($0/mo.), DIY Individual ($49/mo.), DIY Pro ($79/mo.), DIY Agency ($299/mo.)

WordLift – wordlift.io

Wordlift - One of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

Harnessing artificial intelligence (AI), WordLift transforms your content strategy with a new layer of SEO optimization.

WordLift uses AI to perform advanced keyword research.

It analyzes data patterns and user behavior to identify high-performing keywords that resonates with user intent.

Furthermore, WordLift leverages smart data insights to help you craft engaging and SEO friendly content, ultimately driving traffic to your website.

Not just a keyword tool, WordLift is an all-rounder in the SEO field.

It utilizes AI to empower digital marketing strategies, providing comprehensive insights that boost website visibility on search engines.

With WordLift, you benefit from the intersection of technology and marketing, making your SEO endeavors smarter, strategic, and efficient.

  • URL: wordlift.io
  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Starter (€19/mo.), Professional (€79/mo.) , Business + ECommerce (€199/mo.).

Clearscope – clearscope.io

Clearscope - One of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

Pioneering the AI-driven SEO analysis, Clearscope stands tall in the realm of keyword research tools.

Its advanced AI technology streamlines the way content creators perform keyword research and content optimization.

Leveraging natural language processing (NLP), it peruses the web to gather related search terms and the depth of content associated with them.

This aids in the formulation of a comprehensive keyword strategy.

Clearscope also uses an intelligent grading system, offering real-time suggestions to optimize your content for improved readability and SEO performance.

With Clearscope, you can harness the power of AI to streamline your keyword research, enhance content quality, and ultimately, boost your website traffic.

  • URL: clearscope.io
  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Essentials ($170/mo.), Business (Custom), Enterprise (Custom).

Surfer SEO – surferseo.com

Surfer SEO - One of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

By utilizing artificial intelligence, Surfer SEO compiles a comprehensive list of efficient keywords in your respective field.

What sets it apart is its ability to dissect page structure, content relevance, and backlink data, delivering a simulated Google SERP to properly guide your keyword strategy.

The machine learning algorithms in Surfer SEO efficiently aid in identifying relevant, high-performing keywords, saving you time while increasing the efficacy of your SEO efforts.

Apply Surfer SEO today and let artificial intelligence do your keyword research for a change.

  • URL: surferseo.com
  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Essential ($69/mo.), Advanced ($149/mo.), Max ($249/mo.), Enterprise (Custom).

Outranking – outranking.io

Ourtranking - One of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

Outranking.io is a superior tool of AI SEO, designed to improve content optimization and keyword targeting.

The platform leverages artificial intelligence to perform in-depth keyword research, shedding light on search intents and optimal keyword usage.

Its AI functionality delves into niche-specific phrases, offering a competitive edge by unlocking undiscovered opportunities.

Furthermore, Outranking.io’s content briefs and AI editor are instrumental in crafting SEO-friendly content around these keywords.

Guided by AI, the tool curates and suggests high-ranking keywords that resonate with user search patterns, providing valuable insights to aid in influential decision-making.

  • URL: outranking.io
  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Starter ($29/mo.), SEO Writer ($79/mo), SEO Wizard ($159/mo.), Custom.

NeuralText – neuraltext.com

Neural Text - One of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

Being a pioneer in the world of AI SEO tools, NeuralText simplifies the once complicated task of keyword research.

The intelligence of neural networks is leveraged to predict and generate related keywords and keyword rankings.

Not just rank prediction, NeuralText’s machine learning system assists content creators in writing SEO-enhanced articles through its ClearScope feature, helping you to understand real-time topic performances.

Standing out from traditional SEO tools, its deep linguistic analysis garners highly relevant LSI keywords, ensuring your content is topically relevant not only for search engines but for users as well.

With all these advancements, users can expect more traffic and more productive SEO campaigns.

  • URL: neuraltext.com
  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Starter ($19/mo.), Basic ($49/mo.), ($119/mo.).

Alli AI – alliai.com

Alli AI - One of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

Alli AI stands as an efficient tool in the vanguard of AI SEO solutions.

It employs Artificial Intelligence to conduct keyword research, fortifying your SEO strategy with valuable data.

What sets Alli AI apart is its ability to leverage AI to generate in-depth, comprehensive keyword strategies.

The AI searches far and wide across the web, uncovering hidden keyword opportunities by processing colossal amounts of data patterns that would be impracticable for a human to analyze.

It subsequently recommends highly relevant, low competition keywords for your focused audience.

Additionally, Alli AI delivers actionable steps on how to effectively use these keywords to optimize your content and boost your site’s traffic.

A testament to the future of SEO, Alli AI outperforms traditional, manual keyword research tools in efficiency and depth of analysis.

  • URL: alliai.com
  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Consultant ($299/mo.), Agency ($599/mo.), Enterprise ($1,119/mo.).

SE Ranking – seranking.com

SE Ranking - One of the best keyword research AI SEO tools

SE Ranking stands out amidst the clutter of SEO tools due to its integration of artificial intelligence in keyword research.

Its AI-driven capabilities allow for a more sophisticated analysis of keywords, including a deeper understanding of how words are linked to user intent.

This takes keyword research to another level, making it significantly more strategic.

Moreover, SE Ranking offers substantial insights into competitor performance, allowing businesses to identify and capitalize on gaps in their rivals’ keyword strategies.

It allows you to forecast changes in the keyword landscape, using AI-driven predictive analytics, improving the odds of your SEO endeavors.

  • URL: seranking.com
  • Free Plan: No
  • Plans: Essential ($31.20/mo.), Pro ($71.20/mo.), Business ($151.20/mo.)

Keyword Research AI SEO Tools: Embracing the Future of SEO – Conclusive Thoughts

The advent of artificial intelligence in SEO tools has revolutionized the process of keyword research.

By utilizing machine learning and AI, these tools can provide in-depth, strategic results, offering a competitive edge.

They streamline keyword research, simplify complexity, and improve accuracy, delivering actionable and intelligent data-driven results.

More than just locating high-performing keywords, AI tools offer comprehensive insights, uncover hidden opportunities, predict changes in the keyword landscape, and even provide in-depth competitor analysis.

All this is achieved in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Therefore, integrating AI in your SEO strategy for keyword research is not just a technological advantage, but a strategic one, placing you ahead in the digital marketing landscape.