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Typing Companion is the best AI writing tool that will create top-notch content for your blog. Start a free trial period and create articles that rank as fast as search engines pick them up.

Fast Content Creation

From keyword to published in less than 10 minutes. Intuitive interface that will guide you through the content creation process.

SEO Optimized

Don't sacrifice quality for speed. SEO-first content creation that will rank as soon as search engines pick it up.

Humanized AI

Publish content that you'll be proud of. Our blog content generator can learn from your writing style & tone.

Best ai Copywriter, or shall we say Companion?

Generate blog post articles meant to rank fast, with your personal voice and touch. Meet the best AI writing generator.

Fast Content Creation

Create top-notch blog post articles in less than you can brew a coffee. Content creation at scale is possible.

Best AI Blog Writer

Voice and Tone

Don't let your content sound like Terminator created it. Personalize your voice and tone, and avoid losing personal touch with AI.

Posts that Rank

SEO Swiss army tool. Forget about the simple and complex stuff to make your post rank in search engines. The best AI copywriter tool takes care of that for you.

From Keyword to Published

Provide a keyword, hit a couple of magic clicks, and take the blog post to your favorite CMS, ready to publish and rank.

Don't Hire Copywriters, Hire Only a Companion

Save the budget for other things than hiring a crew of copywriters. Get the best AI writing generator for less than an hour of a decent copywriter.

Best AI Blog Writer Features

Check what the best AI writing generator has waiting inside for you. More coming soon!

Post Templates Structures

One size fits all is not something to brag about content marketing. Select the structure that fits your needs for the current article.


Hi, hola, salut, hallo...create your article with up to nine different languages.

Writing Style

Different articles require different angles. Select up to 11 writing styles.

Writing Tone

Our companion can be a 'jack of all trades'. Up to 12 different writing tones to pick for your article.

Personal Voice

By providing some text extractions written by you, your companion will learn how to mimic how you write and apply it to your articles.

Content Lenght

Personalize the length of the heading, subheadings, introduction, main content, and conclusion.

Open AI Integration

Get the most out of the most powerful artificial intelligence technology available. Our platform works with Open AI.

AI Models

Although we suggest using GPT-4 on its latest version, you can pick from different models available

How does it work our AI Content Creation Tool?

No need SEO, content writing, or special skills to get started. Just enter a keyword and let the AI magic do its thing.